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Easter bells come to Paris


titul.jpgIn France Easter holidays, besides the Christian traditions, are about chocolate. We have just had the time to forget the full Christmas tables with special dishes, to lose the kilos gained from Christmas chocolate, and it is time of the Easter bells coming from Rome filled with chocolate eggs. And children with baskets and bags in their hands hunt for the eggs in the gardens and parks.

The tradition of the bells getting silent in churches comes from the 7th century when the Church prohibited to ring the bells as a sign of grief from Christ’s death on Easter Thursday till Sunday when Christ was ressurected. According to the French Catholic tradition on Easter Thursday the bells of all churches fly to Rome where they are blessed by th2.jpge Pope. And the day of Jesus ressurection they happily come back, ringing and announcing the joy, filled with chocolate eggs, which are spread all over in the gardens. For their trip to Rome the bells are trimmed with the wings and ribbons.
On the luxurious Parisian street Faubourg Saint-Honoré, close to the Madeleine Church, only some metres from the Concorde square, in fancy design shop windows you have not only the fashion show of the dresses from the prestigious fashion designers, luxurious jewelleries, but you will find here also several shops of the well-known chocolate and pastries producers. During the Easter holiday, as well as on Christmas, are a feast for eyes and a motivation to reach for your purse and enjoy some of the luxury tastes.
Let’s enter the pastry-chocolate shop at the address 101 street Faubourg Saint-Hono3.jpgré and let’s admire the 2012 collection of Easter chocolates signed by the name of Dalloyau. Under the metaphor "Fait ce qu’il te chante" - motto which is also a word pun, litterally means "do as you sing", but in its metaphoric meaning is translated as "do as you wish". Easter 2012 at Dalloyau has the topic of birds put into creative chocolate eggs.
From 1682 Dalloyau has been a family bussiness, which passes on the traditions through generations, each chocolate has its refined recipe, its specific history. Over 300 years Dalloyau confirms its reputation by pastries, chocolates and subtle tasteful meals. The Wikipedia source explains the history of the Dalloyau name and origin, which started in 1682 on the royal court of the Versailles Castle. Charles Dalloyau, in the service of the Prince de Condé, has4.jpg attracted the king Louis XIV’s attention by his little breads. And so Charles Dalloyau became the first of many Dalloyau generations, who served the royal court. During four generations the Dalloyau brothers were a culinary elite. They even received an aristocratic title and as a sign of this recognition they wore a swore in front of the king. Thanks to the aristocracy title they participated at the king’s meals and had an honourable place at the official ceremonies.
Address of the Dolloyau chocolate shop: 101, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris
Metro: Saint-Philippe du Roule, Miromesnil, Franklin Roosevelt
The shop is open daily from 8:30 a.m. till 9:00 p.m.
Maria Dopjerova-Danthine, Paristep