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Coffee place Gaudeamus in Paris


gaudeamus-1.jpgIn the Latin Quarter, behind Panthéon, only couple of steps from the Saint-Etienne du Mont Church, which besides its history, has become famous also by the scene from the romantic comedy of Woody Allen „Midnight in Paris“. On the stairs of this church the young writer was searching for an inspiration at midnight.

Green fasade, two worn green chairs in front of the coffee-restaurant „Gaudeaumus“, right beside a blue fasade of an old bookstore named „La dame blanche“ (White Lady) give a joyful and charming tone to the street „rue de la Montagne Sainte Geneviève“, the colours get specially cozy with tgaudeamus-2.jpghe sunrays.

Gaudeamus offers a quit, family ambiance, perfect for an afternoon break, for several hours working or studying discussions with a cup of „café au lait“. By our table two students discuss their common 19th century literature project, their coffee cups are empty since long time. Coffee is just accompanying the ambiance that people come to enjoy here. In Parisian coffee places you work, spend long hours discussing, writing, reading, dreaming. You come to the coffee place to enjoy the life.

On an internet tripadvisor site I have read a comment of one person who was used to come to Gaudeaumus quite often. During one of her meals she was dissappointed by the slowness of the service and a poor quantity of her salad with the duck liver „fois gras“. I was positively surprised by a response of the owners of this French-Georgian restaurant-coffee place. They thanked her for the comment, explained that there was a change in the stuff but the service is faster again and that they have reviewed the quantity of the „fois gras“ salad portions.

With my daughter we opt for the combination of tea and hot chocolate with the selection gaudeamus-3.jpgof small desserts - „thé gourmand“ and „chocolat chaud gourmand“. At 4 p.m. we are not the only ones, to the surrounding tables are coming the same plates with white dense yoghurt, in France called „fromage blanc“ and the jelly from red berries, two slices of fresh ginger bread and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, which is a perfect match with the hot chocolate.

The inside is pleasant, in the rustic-artistic style, the restaurant room is separated from the coffee space. Wooden logs with curious objects give a cozy ambiance to this place.

Address: 47, rue de la Montagne Sainte Geneviève, Paris

Practical detail: they do not take credit cards here.

Maria Dopjerova-Danthine, Paristep