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Café or thé gourmand


img_2461_180.jpgIn the menus of many Parisian coffee places and restaurants you will notice among the desserts a „café gourmand“ (gourmand coffee) or a „thé gourmand“ (gourmand tea). Maybe you will imagine a big cup of coffee with nice foam and whipped cream or a big pot of the Earl Grey tea.

But the notion of the gourmand coffee or tea is a bit more complex. It is a dessert which has become in the last years a big tendency in Paris. French are strict about their line, they do not eat in order to be full but they eat with the aim to enjoy their meal times. Howimg_2462_180.jpgever, in spite of 2 hours lunches even during the work-days the lunch time is limited in time (during the weekends it can last much longer). And so in restaurants it has become fashionable to combine the dessert and coffee time.

You are not the Balance sign of horoscope and still you have this eternal problem to make the right decisions quickly, and especially when it concerns the „best“ dessert. If for your happiness you do not need a big piece of cake, then the gourmand coffee or tea might be the right choice. The waitor will bring you a plate on which except the needed dose of the after lunchimg_2453_180.jpg coffein you have a selection of minidesserts, those most tasteful, most attractive and in ideal quantity to accompany your coffee.

Mini crème brûlée, mini madeleine, mini chocolate cake „moelleux au chocolat“, mini white youghurt with strawberry jelly. Mini desserts are being „eaten‘ first with eyes, you feel sorry to disturb the joyful harmony of colours and shapes.

If you find yourself in the old part Marais, it is almost impossible to get to the bad restaurant or a coffee place. However, one of possible places for the lunch time or evening coctail and dinner is the address of the restaurant „La Panfoulia“ number 39 of the street rue du Bourg Tibourg, where tables and chairs are completed by several couches and armchaiimg_2454_180.jpgrs and artistic paintings of animals in golden-brownish colours make the restaurant a place where after a nice lunch it is a good idea to order „café gourmand“.

During the lunch time in the working days you will find here a quite atmosphere, good quality meals, pleasant service, an efficient smiling couple. From the 1st floor of the restaurant you have a nice view on the surrounding buildings of Marais.

Maria Dopjerova-Danthine, Paristep






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