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Guide to the Parisian coffee


kava-1.jpgPeople come to Paris because of the Eiffel Tower, fashion and coffee.

A coffee as a break during long hours walks on Parisian boulevards, coffee as a pretext for hours spent at the teraces under the red sunblinds, the best place to follow the life of the city. Coffee which will wake you up to the Parisian morning.
Althouh the image of a Parisian is often linked with a small espresso in a tiny white porcelain cup, with opened newspapers on a small round table of a coffee place, you have several possibilities for ordering a coffee in a Parisian bistro.
kava-2.jpgEspresso is called in French also „café serré“ - a strong coffee prepared from a usual coffee dose but with less water.
«Latte» is not really understood in Paris. If you want a coffee with milk, you have to order «café crème», or as the French called it «un crème». «Noisette» (translated as a little nut) is a small coffee with a little of milk. «Capuccino» is a coffee with milk foam. «Allongé» is a coffee with adding the water.
kava-3.jpg«Déca» is a coffein free coffee. «Café viennois» is a coffee with whipped cream and «café liégeois» is a cold dessert with sweet coffee, ice-cream and whipped cream.
«Thé» is a black or green tea (thé vert). If you wish herbal tea, do not ask for a tea but for «infusion» or «tisane».
kava-4.jpgA trendy phenomena of the last years in Parisian restaurants and bistros is a dessert called „café gourmand“ (gourmand coffee). It is a coffee (or tea) with a selection of tiny desserts, samples of various cakes and sweets. Often you can find a mini „crème brulée“, macaroon, chocolate or fruit cake, biscuits, creams. Price of a „café gourmand“ varies from 6 to 10 euro.
Prices of a coffee in Paris vary from 2,50 euro for a basic espresso and cappuccino from 4 euro. Coffees with milk, milk foam and different flavours are always more expensive than espresso, because of a more complex preparation.
In Paris life is fast and the coffees enjoyed at the teraces are a way how to slow down. For a short moment get out of the walking crowd, sit at the table on the corner of a busy street and be a spectator of the city life.