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Best ice-cream in Paris


1.jpgAfter cold June the summer finally came to Paris and together with summer the hot topic what are the good ice-cream addresses in Paris. As well as bakeries or pharmacies, you can find plenty of ice-cream stands in Paris. But which of them are worth stopping by?

On a hot day at Trocadero, just under the feet of the Eiffel Tower I got naively attracted by a freshly looking pink ice-cream. The seller shaped it professionally but already after couple of licks I knew that even with my best will and my good education I will not be able to finish it and so it went to the nearest dustbin. Since my childhood, not considering the ice-cream scoops fallen on the ground, it was my first unfinished ice-cream. That’s why it is worth going for the one that will not disappoint you with its taste and quality. Look up on Google „la meilleure glace de Paris“ or „the best ice-cream in Paris“ 2.jpgand for sure Berthillon will jump out. I can confirm that mocca flavor has really a creamy coffee taste, in the honey-nougat scoop you taste and smell honey and you crunch the real pieces of nougat. Fig flavor smells figs and „caramel beurre salé“ (caramel with salty butter) is a heavenly ice-cream experience. The selection of the flavors such as coffee with whiskey, nougat chocolate, capuccino, white chocolate, mint leaf, almond milk, ginger bread, red orange, green apple or praline with lemon, makes the choice really difficult. But whatever you choose, you will not regret.

The ice-cream place Berthillon is located on the street rue Saint Louis en l’Ile on the Ile Saint Louis Island behind Notre-Dame Cathedral. The shop has also the restaurant and coffee place which is closed in August. But even in August you can get your ice-cream since there are several Bert3.jpghillon stands on the Ile Saint Louis Island. As mentioned on the Berthillon website, their ice-cream is produced directly at place, every day from a fresh pasteurized milk, cream and eggs. Cocoa comes from the Ivory Coast, vanilla from Madagascar.

On the same street there is another ice-cream shop which deserves to be mentioned, the Italian ice-cream Amorino. The ice-cream scoops are artistically arranged in a cone or a pot in the shape of the rose petals. The special flavor recommended by the the seller is Amarena (vanilla cream with the cherries sauce). Besides its ice-cream Amo4.jpgrino is a good place for waffles (gauffres), filled according to your wish with sugar, chocolate, abricot or strawberry jam or ice-cream. Amorino has 12 locations in Paris.

The prices of Berthillon and Amorino ice-creams are similar. Double Berthillon ice-cream (2 scoops) costs 4,50 EUR and one scoop at Amorino costs 3,50 EUR. Price can be considered as quite expensive but for sure pays the quality. 

Maria Dopjerova-Danthine, Paristep

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