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Josselin – the best "crêperie" in Paris


1.jpgWe have already written about the quarter around the Montparnasse scyscraper which is known also for the number of crêperie restaurants. Now, we wish to mention the best one. And it is not only our opinion, but when you make a research on google for the best crêperie in Paris, you will certainly get the result "La crêperie Josselin".

What can you find here? At lunch or dinner time, for sure a crowded room, with people waiting in front of the restaurant, to whom the waiter gives an estimate information about the waiting t2.jpgime for the free table. If you want to avoid waiting, you have to come before 12:15. We arrive at the moment which starts to be critical, at 12:30, we wait for about 15 minutes, when the waiter winks at us, apologizes for waiting and says that at one table people are paying and the table will be ours in a minute.

The bigger the company is, the longer the waiting time can get, but it is worth waiting. When you are seated inside, the waiter does not push you, you do not have to worry about people waiting outside. And so, as many others, we spend here two pleasant hours. In spite of the full retaurant, the stuff is pleasant, complaisant and patient.

Crêperie is mentioned in many touristic guides and after testing several Parisian crêperies, you have to admit that it is the best one, with a large choice of crêpes, quality of 3.jpgdough, size of the portions and rich filling. It is probably the only crêperie, where the crêpes are double, from double dough, (in French "en couple", that means two crêpes which can be compared with the Calzone pizzas).

The choice is large and for those who hesitate and cannot decide, it is good to opt for the classics, the so called "une complète" with cheese, ham and egg. "Crêpes" must be accompanied by a ceramic jar of sparkling sweet or dry cider, which is poured to small bowls, being emptied dangerously fast. Carve4.jpgd wood and decorations, pictures - Breton mosaics from coulourful little stones, ceramics from Quimper, chandeliers from white Breton laces cotribute to the feeling of coziness. Directly from the place where you are seated you can see to the kitchen and observe the fast preparation of the fresh Breton specialties.

For 15 years, Mrs Bénuezi is the owner of the "Crêperie de Josselin". Her specialties are "la crêpe maraichère" (spinach, egg, bacon and cheese) and "la crêpe josselin" (egg, ham, cheese and mushrooms).

"La crêpe", or "galette" appeared in French Brittany in the 13th century, as a con5.jpgsequence of growing dog-tail, which got to French Brittany from crusades in Asia. The dog-tail was replaced by white wheat flour in the beginning of the last century, and this cereal is the basis of today’s crêpes.

In the street "rue de Montparnasse" you can notice, that in spite of the fact that in this small street there are about 15 "crêperies", only in front of "Crêperie de Josselin" there are people waiting 15 to 20 minutes for a free table.

Crêperie Josselin, 67 rue du Montparnasse, 75014

Metro: line 6, station Edgar Quinet
Maria Dopjerova-Danthine, Paristep