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Coffee place Lenôtre on Champs-Elysées


lenotre-3.jpgPrestigious restaurant and coffee place "Lenôtre" is located in a creamy building with stone decorations in the "New Art"style on the number 10 of the Champs-Elysées avenue, neighbouring with the presidential palace Elysées.

Lenôtre is world-famous pastry cook and represents a term that does not need any explanation in France. Lenôtre belongs to a general culture, already children at primary school know that the president of the republic is François Hollande and Lenôtre is the name and brand of artistic, beautifully designed pastries, and not only pastries. Chocolalenotre-2.jpgtes, cakes, ice-creams, champagne, thin slices of smoked salmon, accompanied by a glass of chilled white wine, all of this of a high quality, unforgettable taste and artistic design.

Terasse with wicker chairs surrounded by greenery, high windows bring a lot of light inside of the room and connect you with the terasse, behind which you can see Grand Palais.Tall waiter with dark eyes and friendly smile, without stress, patiently explains and helps with difficult decision in choosing the dessert and drinks. Winning option are six small "macarons" of flavours of our choice: chocolate, caramel with salty butter and vanilla, chocolate cake served with the currents dip in a selenotre-1.jpgparate bowl.

Hot chocolate comes in a porcelain white jug, the volume of which corresponds to at least four cups, it’s dense, with a strong but at the same time refined taste. For the thirst the best choice was "thé glacé maison" – "home made" ice tea – really did not have nothing in common with the bottle or can "ice tea". Refreshing, without sugar, with a slice of lemon and a jug with liquid cane sugar, which gave to the drink the right dose of sweetness.

The place with elegant design, fully blossoming white orchids close to our table, black and white dress of a young mother sitting at the neigbouring table, with a baby girl in a cute dress. We are in the heart of Paris, with the mouth full of delicious chocolate. lenotre-4.jpg

The first gastronomy school Lenôtre was established in 1971 by Gaston Lenôtre. It maintains the tradition, is open for new creative ideas, its purpose is perfection, successfuly tries to keep pace with its world reputation, and is a perfect synthesis of the past, present and future.

Lenôtre makes the life of competition in Paris difficult, however when you look in the windows of Parisian "pâtisseries-boulangeries" (bakeries and pastries shops) you have to admit that even the competition does not miss knowledge, ideas, skills and French "savoir-faire" (know-how).

M.D.D., Paristep