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Café-Restaurant Louis Philippe and a piece of the Eiffel Tower


img_2426.jpgWalking under the plane trees of the Seine quais, between the Marais quarter and the Notre-Dame cathedral, you will get attracted by the green and ivory colours of the fasade of the Café-restaurant Louis Philippe. This charming place is part of Paris since 1851. It is a type of Parisian coffee place as we know them from the French movies. A strong nice man behind the wide bar desk, handling the moneybox and pulling the beer. Your eyes are running on the walls and the shelves full of various objects and details creating the decoration. Little hairy dog sitting by the old staircase is completing the rococo setting. On the first sight the waiters seem strict and arrogant, but their short loud witty comments make the clients feel comfortable here. 

On the ground-floor there is a coffee place, to get to the restaurant you have to climb old winding very narrow staircase. And if you meet somebody on the stairs cimg_2422.jpgoming in the opposite direction, one of the two has to back up. The staircase is a historical piece and a curious fact is that it is a piece of the original stairs of the Eiffel Tower which had to be changed because they were too narrow. Then they were sold out to the coffee places on the banks of the Seine. After having successfully managed the stairs, a pleasant reward is a panoramic view of the surroundings.
The menu proposes classical meals of the French „cuisine“, such as „Boeuf Bourgignon“ (beef on the red wine), „Blanquette de veau à l’ancienne“ (a stew of veal in a white sauce), or „Magret aux cerises“ (duck with cherry sauce). Special proposals of the day are written in a nice artistic handwriting on the window glasses. I am sipping „only“ a coffee and enjoying my dessert, but I am facing the window with the inscription „chou farci“ and when the waitor joyfully asks the client at the neighbouring table, „how is doing the little stuffed cabbage“ I feel almost sorry that I have already had lunch.
Anyway, my dessert plate with „profiteroles“ is a tasty compensation. Several chou pastry balls filled with vanilla ice cream. The puffs are garnished with hot dark chocolate sauce and thin slices of almonds. It is a dessert for all seasons. In summer you get refresimg_2420.jpghed with the ice cream inside of the puffs and in winter you get warmed up with the hot chocolate sauce.
A lady sitting close to me gets her order of a lemon tart. Her cake of piece is huge, she rolls her eyes and the waiter responds „It is scary, isn’t it?“
Enjoying the refuge of the coffee terasse, under the gas heater, protected from the wind only by a transparent plastic film, you cannot feel more part of the winter in Paris.
Metro: Pont-Marie (Line 7)
If you want to make a reservation for a restaurant, better ask the table with a view on Seine and the Louis-Philippe bridge. (telefón: Price of a meal per person „starter-main dish- dessert“ is 30 euro.
Maria Dopjerova-Danthine, Paristep

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