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Drink by the Mitterand library


1.jpgIn August, when Paris is emptied from Parisians, when the banks of the Seine river live in a beach atmosphere, when the men go to work without the ties, when many small shops and butiques are closed, when you have no problem to park in the center of the city, ...also the evenings after work and the weekends have are in a holiday mood.

One of the places which needs to be recommended in this summer weather is the Seine quay in front of the modern architecture comp2.jpglex of four buildings of the library, for Parisians known as Bibliothèque Nationale de France, or the Mitterand library. A large wooden staircase takes you to the four impressive buildings representing four open books. The staircase is at the same time a place to sit and enjoy a sendwich or a bottle of wine.

Right in front of the library the banks of the Seine river are connected by one of the newest Parisian bridges, Passerelle Simone-4.jpgde-Beauvoir, architecturally interesting with its two levels slightly bended in a lentil shape.

The wooden pedestrian bridge offers you a view on several permanently anchored boats, so called „péniches“. Many of them are restaurants, coffee places and bars and on the quay there are coffee places representing „beach life in Paris“. Atmosphere with beach chairs and cozy couch chairs with pillows, exotic plants on the bar desk, big offer of the cokteils, 3.jpgpossibility of ordering a „planchette“ – large wooden plate with the selection of cheeses and salami, or an organic ice-cream is the perfect attraction of summer Paris.Relax in the beach chairs with the view on the waters and life of the Seine, bask in the sun, talk with friends, read a book and even after a third glass you will not want to leave. The sun warms the quay and coffee terasse till 8:30 p.m. and so at this place the Parisian evening can last a pleasant eternity. A practical curious information is that when you make an order at the bar, they charge you an extra euro for a „consigne“ – 5.jpgwhich you recover when you return empty glasses, spoons or the wooden plate.

Even during the weekends this part of the Seine quay is not too crowded and you feel a local atmosphere, not many tourists come to this place, since all of them are in front of the Notre-Dame, there is no need of a frenetic camera clicks, you see the sweating jodgers running or people walking their dogs.

And if you really want to feel like on a beach, do not forget to take your swimming suit, it is very probable that you will be attracted by clear blue water of the „Joséphine Baker“ swimming pool floating right on the surface of the dark waters of the Seine river. Especially Tuesday and Thursday nights are attractive, since on these days the swimming pool is open till 11 p.m. 

Maria Dopjerova-Danthine, Paristep