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Valentine in Paris

01.jpgWith the approaching date of Saint Valentine’s Day, in spite of all those sayings that we do not care about this commercial holiday and that the loving men are so nice and attentive that they bring roses to their loves any other day, but on Valentine, let’s admit that all of us we kind of unconsciously search for romance in this time of the year.

Everybody world-wide knows that in Paris you do not have to search for romance, it is simply there, it breathes on you in every square, in each restaurant, „brasserie“ or coffee place, looks into your shining eyes at each historical sight, it warms up the hands of lovers on the benches and chairs in02.jpg numerous gardens and parks. Paris is love in all the forms, Paris is a city where people come to enjoy, confirm, renew, express, celebrate or commemorate their love...or to get the broken hearts healed.

Everyone fills in the Saint Valentine’s Day in Paris according to the intuition of their hearts and moods. Anywa, I take the liberty in proposing you a small lovely plan. And for sure you will find the romance in it. Take a morning walk on the empty quays of the Seine river from the townhall „Hotel de Ville“ on the Quai de l’Hôtel de Ville towards the church Saint-Gervais Saint-Protais, representing an imaginary border between the island l‘Ile Saint Louis and the old quarter Marais. Behind the church you will find a little Medieval type stone-cobbed street rue des Barres, and you will face a  bright blue fasade of the small restaurant-coffee „L’Ebouillanté“. The surroundings are quite, you are in the heart of Paris, you are hidden from the crowds of people, it is lunch time and so push the door of the restaurant, the name of which (Boiled) corresponds to the habit of the tea experts, that the teapot has to be first warmed u03.jpgp with the boiling water, before the tea is poured in it.

After opening the door for couple of minutes you are hesitating whether you will stay on the groundfloor and observe the kitchen activity, or you will clmib the stairs and get seated in the cozy room with several little tables, comfortable benches with pillows, view through the tiny wooden windows directly on the Saint-Gervais Saint-Protais church. On all the walls of the restaurant there are paintings and posters, which are regularly renewed.

The lunch menu specialties are various omelettes, omelette with cheese, veget04.jpgables and smoked salmon, omelette with herbs or vegetable „quiche“. On the freezing day of the beginning of February it is difficult to refuse the proposed menu of the day for 15 euro: dense vegetable soup and the sea bream with basmati rice and cooked vegetables.
In order to compensate the outside freezing temperature together with the soup I order the hot apple juice with honey and ginger. The first time in my life and for sure not the last one. Mozaic of tastes of apple cider, tea with honey and lemon that my mom made for me when  I was a kid, Christmas smell of ginger and all this of a honey-golded colour in a tall transparent glass.

In 1977 L’Ebouillanté became a workshop of the painter Gali. And since Gali was receiving a lot of friends, he decided to to change it to the tea-room, which later on became a restaurant. In 1985 the tea-room was taken over by Géraldine Cambell. Every year in November there is held a painting competition „L’Ebouillanté“.

The nearest metro station Pont-Marie (line 7)

Maria Dopjerova-Danthine